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Element Oasis

Half Bar Box

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Half Bar Sample Box make the perfect gift for this holiday season.

Excellent way to try a wide range of the soap bars we handcraft!

If you are new to all natural soap and not sure which bar feels the best on your skin or the aroma you prefer.. (although you can never go wrong with any all natural soap bar)
You see the vibrant wide range of colors …?
We use all natural colorants such as clays, infused botanicals to show that these natural elements offer amazing benefits to our skin and their color has a unique beauty.

The wonderful aromas in each bar is achieved by our nature’s essential oils. Research shows that essential oils may offer a wide range of benefits from relaxation, to skin healing properties.

No chemicals, or preservatives are used in our soaps, each bar is in its own most natural state.

Half Bar Sample Box comes with:

  • 9 half bars (approximately 2.5-3 oz) 
  • 1 Soap Saver/ exfoliating pouch 
  • 1 multipurpose drawstring bag
  • Mini crate to store your soap bars

At checkout , please list the 9 pieces to include in the sample box or email to : 

NOTE- Half Bar Gift Box will ONLY come Gift Wrapped if Selected the Option : Gift Wrapped - Half Bar Sample Box.

For list of ingredients used, please refer to each individual soap listed in our shop. 



DISCLAIMER: we cannot be held responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions to our products.