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Element Oasis

Soap Scrap Bag

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A variety blend of all of our available soaps:

Açai, Citrus, Earth, Elderberry Hibiscus, Guaraná, Lemongrass, Midnight Rose, Milky Way, Moroccan Sun, Star Scrub, Volcanic Ash~

This is a great way to try to introduce your body to all-natural soaps. As a tip, we recommend trying a piece with your wardrobe for a pleasant scent all the time.


All of our soaps are made from a blend of plant-based natural oils, which include:

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and  Cocoa Butter.

Essential Oils, Clays, Botanicals, and all-natural powder fruits and vegetables vary per bar.

Each bag is approx 7oz



Sizes and different scents may vary.





DISCLAIMER: we cannot be held responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions to our products.